“It’s about misunderstandings between people and places, being disconnected and looking for moments of connection. There are so many moments in life when people don’t say what they mean, when they are just missing each other, waiting to run into each other in a hallway.”

— Sofia Coppola, on Lost in Translation


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Does your daughter know the Tyrion Lannister figurine is you? Yeah, she calls it “Dad-dah.” She just says to me, “Hey, you!” And she calls the toy “Dad-dah.” So that’s a little confusing. She doesn’t know who I am, but she knows that the toy is me. - Peter Dinklage


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my wallet is empty just like my soul

““Iron Man 2” gave us the introduction of Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson. Since, she has had major roles in both “The Avengers” and “Winter Soldier.” But she still hasn’t gotten a standalone movie, despite Thor, Iron Man and Captain America all receiving not just one standalone but multiple sequels. Marvel has movies planned up through 2028 but no firm plans for any female-led films.
The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film releases a report each year on Hollywood’s gender imbalance. For 2013, the report found that only 30 percent of the speaking characters in the top 100 films for the year were female and made up only 15 percent of the main characters. Another staggering statistic? More than half of moviegoers were women, when the stories being told were about men 85 percent of the time. The notion that women won’t buy tickets just isn’t true.
…[D]uring this year’s press tour for “Winter Soldier,” when asked about a standalone Black Widow movie, Marvel’s President of Production Kevin Feige was quoted as saying he is proud of the way Marvel handles female characters, and explained that what is great about Black Widow is “the interaction with all the team members… Frankly, if we do a Black Widow movie after ‘Age of Ultron’ [the ‘Avengers’ sequel], when she’s been central in three or four movies, I don’t think we’d get the quote unquote credit for it. People would say she’s already a big giant superhero.”
What Feige fails to understand is being a supporting character is not the same as being the lead. It is important for women to see female superheroes in central roles. But when you take a step back, who’s making movies? In 2013, the New York Film Academy dug into the gender inequality in film, both on screen and behind the scenes. They found that for every woman working in Hollywood, there are five men. In 2012, 91 percent of directors were men, 85 percent of writers were men, 83 percent of producers were men and 98 percent of cinematographers were men. These numbers need to change.” — Women remain criminally underrepresented in Hollywood [x] (via stupidstagram)

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I got my red dress on tonight
Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight
Done my hair up real big beauty queen style